Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, here I go. I've never imagined myself posting my own blog, but I do enjoying reading others, so it was just a matter of time. I have about 18 hours before I depart Cleveland Hopkins to a destination unknown to all my friends and family - Indonesia. Being that this country is the world's 4th largest population and the 1st largest Muslim population, you can only imagine it's scary and tempting all at the same time.

I feel that I'm completely prepared for this trip. The US Consulate has my Passport information and itinerary, I've had the Hepatitis B series, I'm packing a 0,3 micron water filter, enough dried or dehydrated food for several days (and believe me I could stretch it if necessary), and Judy Osters lit a candle for my safe travels at the St. Stanislaus church last weekend during their awesome Polish Festival. Really...what more could I ask for? Of course, I've made tons of packing lists too :)

Additionally, I hope to explore true 'muck' scuba diving or the black volcanic sands, shop like a rock star, get a hot rock massage, take a traditional Iyengar Yoga class and maybe even relax and read a few good books while I'm there. Yes, yes....I will 'blog' too, but that is only if a computer connection is reality.

This adventure was placed on my lap through Just Add Water, my local dive shop, in March 2006. As you can count, I've been waiting for this day for a LONG time. We'll be spending 1 week at Santika Resort ( in Bali, a few nights in Kima Bajo ( in North Sulawesi (yes just like the coffee) and a full week on the North Sulawesi Aggressor ( All tolled, I will be off US soil for 16 days and earn about 25,000 miles with Continental, and bank over 50 hours of air time. Another surprising fact that I just learned was that Bali is 11 hours ahead of Ohio and just 8 degrees south of the equator. And believe it or not, they are included in the Asian continent. Hmmmm....5 down, 2 to go! Who knows me well enough to guess which 2 I have left? Check out the poll below!

Well, wish me luck and Go Tribe!

aka MM

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